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Building Talent Recruitment was founded in 2020 with a specific vision in mind.  In a world where recruitment is fast becoming transactional in nature, we wanted to form a company reflecting our views on how recruitment should be conducted.

We believe in digging deeper than a simple job description; we find out what a client is looking for beyond just the core skills of the role.  By doing so, we get to understand the story behind the company and the role, which in turn allows us to attract the most passionate and relevant talent.

This is also the view we take with job seeking talent. What is it that you’re looking for in your next role that you aren’t getting in your current one?

What things are important to you beyond the day to day duties that are in the job description?  What are your short, mid and long-term career goals and how can we help you work towards these?

By taking this approach, we form genuine partnerships and connections which results in a more engaging, positive and successful recruitment process for all.

Areas of Expertise

Building Talent Recruitment specialises in a number of engineering fields. If you have a vacancy or are searching for that perfect position, get in touch with our team.

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Steve Morris

Founder of BTR

Steve has a wealth of recruitment experience and has worked both in Australia and the UK.  He has held senior management positions leading large teams and divisions whilst always remaining in an active recruitment role.  It is through this longevity in the engineering market that he has built up outstanding networks of contacts and talent.

In 2020, he took the decision to start Building Talent Recruitment.  He felt that he was able to bring his core values into the market; those of building relationships and making both the job search and the talent search a more engaging and positive process and therefore leading to better outcomes for all.

Steve has experience recruiting across a number of sectors and has placed talent within all levels; from entry level through to C-Suite.  His main strengths are placing Senior talent within organisations ranging from tier one global multidisciplinary companies through to small specialist consultancies.

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