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The Building Talent team offer some guidance for securing your dream role.

In a highly competitive market, you’ve done well to get past the short-listing process to the interview stage.

This is a critical step towards you securing the role that you’ve been looking for. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind when attending your face to face or virtual interview.

Below is a brief summary, but use the links for a more in-depth look at each topic. Some of this might seem like basic stuff, but you’d be amazed at how many people miss some of these and the last thing you want is to make a poor first impression.


  • Always ensure that you arrive for your interview 5-10 minutes early.
  • Take a test-run, preferably at a similar time of a working day.
  • If this isn’t possible, use Google Maps and research your journey time and route
  • Conversely, don’t arrive at reception too early
  • If you’re running late for any reason at all then call ahead and let them know; even if you’re only going to be 1-2 minutes late


  • If you’re unsure of the attire suitable for the interview, always dress up rather than down
  • If you got this interview through a recruiter then ask them for the dress code
  • In these times, a tie isn’t as expected as it once was. However, depending on the role that you’re going for, wearing one can make a good impression


  • Research the company
  • Understand the company’s history and where they’re looking to go
  • Research your interviewer(s)
  • Find out the format of the interview. Is it:
    • An informal interview – a getting to know each other and more of a ‘chat’
    • A competency-based interview – will you need to give lots of specific examples of where you’ve demonstrated the skills and experience required
    • A panel interview – will you be faced with multiple interviewers asking different styles of questions
    • A skills test – do you need to be prepared for the fact that they will practically test your skills in some way
  • Prepare answers that demonstrate your skills and experience in line with the job description
  • If there’s anything that you don’t have experience of, then think of examples of what you would do, or perhaps give examples of what you’ve seen work before that you’d like to replicate
  • If relevant, take a portfolio of your work with you that you are comfortable talking through

Interview them

Remember, you’re also interviewing them to make sure that not only is it the role that you’re looking for, but also that it’s the right environment for you.

  • Have pre-prepared questions that you wish to ask.
  • You can either ask these as the conversation progresses or you can ask them at the end.
  • Write these down and take them in with you.
  • Having pen and paper with you to note important information down or questions that occur to you as throughout the interview.
  • Making notes also demonstrates a genuine interest in the role.

These are just some basic hints and tips to help you.  If you’d like any further guidance on the interview process from an industry expert who has helped hundreds of people secure a new role, then please get in touch with Steve Morris:

M: +61 403 915 522
E: [email protected]

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