Salaries are a hot topic at the best of times.  Add to this impending review periods, the fact that it is clearly a talent short market and mix this with recent national and global factors leading to increased inflation and pressures on household incomes, and it is now a white-hot topic!

As a result, questions that We are frequently asked are:

  • Are salaries going up?
  • Are people being truthful about the offers that they are receiving?
  • How do I compare to my peers?
  • Job adverts don’t always list a salary range, and if they do, are they an accurate reflection of market rates?

We have all heard the anecdotal stories of someone who is clearly not as good as you, or at least less experienced, getting a bumper pay rise and a myriad of additional benefits to boot, but…

What is the Truth?

In order to cut through the noise and to provide you with a real-time overview of the market and what people are earning right now, we recently surveyed 1000’s of people employed in the Engineering Design sector with 461 people taking the time to respond and take part.

The findings were eye-opening, fascinating and surprising in some areas too!

We also explored some of the benefits that people receive as well as the motivating factors for moving jobs in the current market.

We find this guide extremely useful in our conversations with clients and candidates alike and so we hope that you do too!

You can Download the Salary Guide Here:

2022 Engineering Design Salary Guide

Get In Touch

If you would like to delve deeper into the raw data and what we can interpret from this or would like to discuss a myriad of opportunities that we have available that could help you to achieve your career goals whilst being financially rewarding, then get in touch with us today!

We have a passion for building genuine networks with people and adding value to them; so am always here to give advice or be a sounding board even if you are not looking to move companies right now.  Steve has recruited into the engineering design space space for nearly 10 years in Australia and is across the market in terms of opportunities as well also market trends, challenges and potential solutions.

Why not also check-out our Jobs Board to browse a selection of opportunities that are out there that might be of interest.

Stay safe and well!

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