As we enter the 4th week of lockdown in Sydney (I had to Google that as it feels like longer!), we are faced with our first major challenge to the construction and engineering market that we have had since the initial impact of Corona Virus was felt 18 months ago.


Since that initial 3 month period, the transportation market across Australia, and NSW in particular, has been booming. Huge government investment at both the Federal, State and Local level has meant that work has been abundant. Be it mega projects such as Sydney Metro, or small local projects, many are saying that the industry has never been busier.

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Where Are We Now

Whilst this latest lockdown is no doubt a bump in the road (excuse the pun), most specialist traffic and transport consultancies have seen work continuing as normal with no sign of current or future projects drying up.

When you combine this with a skills shortage across the industry that hasn’t been seen since coming out of the Global Financial Crisis in the late 2000’s, there is a still a huge appetite for growth among consultancies of all sizes.

This is particularly true when it comes to transport modellers. Your skills have always been in demand and now this is more prevalent than ever.

What Does This Mean for You?

With any skills shortage, comes opportunity. The past 18 months have disrupted the consulting engineering market to such an extent that employees now have more choice over their working environment and futures, and the benefits that are important to them.

How companies have responded to this have had a huge impact on staff retention and engagement, as well as attracting new staff. According to research by Seek, salary, although important, is no longer the number one consideration when searching for a new role (or staying in your current one). It is what makes people feel valued and having a career with purpose that now drives employee behaviour.


With this in mind, if you feel that your own career is stalling, or that you’re not getting recognised and rewarded with the fulfilling career path that you are looking for, then rest assured that there are opportunities out there that can offer you what you are looking for.

I am working closely with a select few consultancies that I have built relationships with over many years who are looking for talent like you.

If you’d like to speak to me confidentially about opportunities that are out there that could offer you the short and long-term career opportunities that you are seeking then please reach out to me directly and I will be pleased to discuss what is important to you and companies that can offer you what you are looking for.

Steve Morris

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