Building upon my last update regarding the structural engineering sector here, much has changed across Australia with regards to the impact of Covid and also the increase in the vaccination rates.  Equally though, much has stayed the same.  In the time since my last update, we have seen the construction sector enter a snap lockdown.  This quickly eased in most areas though, and we are seeing plenty of activity across the country.

The Impact of the Lockdown

Obviously construction came to a stop during this cessation of activity, but in terms of engineering, it had little impact; in fact gave a lot of builders and contractors the opportunity to review designs and engage with consultants in a way that is hard to do during the cut and thrust of constantly moving projects.  Most sites are now up and running in some capacity and even projects in the most affected LGA’s have some construction activity happening.


The Vaccine Rollout

As a result of the Delta variant being so highly transmissible, it has become clear that the way out of this current lockdown and to avoid entering them again in the future is through the uptake of vaccinations.  I will focus here on NSW as this is where I am based (read-on learn about opportunities in Darwin), and the vaccine roll-out is gaining momentum with over 5 million doses administered to date.  Gladys Berejiklian has gone on record previously as saying that restrictions will start to ease once 6 million doses have been administered and so hopefully we can hit this figure quickly!


There is no doubt that the impact of Covid is being felt across our industry.  However, the market has reacted in a very different way to 18 months ago when it first hit; pipelines are still strong and tenders and awards are happening in high numbers.  There is huge optimism; and this is reflected in the high numbers of positions available across consultancies of all sizes and across all levels of seniority.


Opportunities to work for forward thinking and progressive consultancies who have secure long-term pipelines of work are abundant, so why not check out our jobs board to view a selection of rewarding roles that I am actively recruiting:

However, if a sea change is what you’re after, I also have roles based in Darwin working for perhaps the leading structural and civil consultancy in the region.

Darwin has been largely unaffected by Covid and people are living free of the majority of restrictions that are impacting the rest of the country.  It offers opportunities for an active and outdoor lifestyle in a community that prioritises a healthy work-life balance.

Relocation assistance is on offer on a case-by-case basis so please contact Steve Morris directly (0403 915 522) to speak about these unique and professionally rewarding opportunities:

  • Senior / Associate Structural Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Senior / Associate Civil Engineer

Stay safe everyone!


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